Minecraft 1.19 Technoblade Texture Pack

May 8, 2024 (1 month ago)
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So a lot of people have been asking Mojang to add an easter egg to technically to minecraft and someone actually did it so for this you’ll need 1.19 optifine the link is in the description.

You just click and then you go to the second link in the description and this then you go to your minecraft folder your resource packs folder then you just drag it into it.

So after you do all that make sure you have optifine right here and click play all right once you’re in minecraft make sure to load your resource pack go to escape options resource packs find the techno blade pack make sure it’s right there and then click done and then get a name tag and an anvil and then name the name tag techno blade then find some pigs and name tag it and it should have a crown if you like this Information maybe like and share to your friends and thanks

Texture Pack


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