Surfshark vs PrivateVPN | The only VPN comparison

October 8, 2023 (4 months ago)
Surfshark vs PrivateVPN | The only VPN comparison

Surf shark vs Private vpn both areaffordable but maybe there’s a bit moregoing on behind the scenes here welllet’s find out and perform a thoroughprivate vpn versus surf shark comparisonfor 2022 you know to make sure we canlearn everything we can about these two vpns.


now servers make or break even the bestvpn providers after all it takes a bigserver grid to make sure connections arealways stable now surfshark has asubstantial server fleet more than 3 200servers in 65 countries with each serverrelying on random access memory thatmeans these servers can’t retain userdata long term which is a big securitybenefit as you might imagineprivate vpn servers fleet is quite lessimpressive it only has about 200 serversin 63 countries this has to be theprimary reason private vpn’s connectionstended to be a bit more unstable duringpeak hours well at least when i testedit out as far as connectivity goes surfshark also goes above and beyondoffering no limits on simultaneousdevices per account while private vpnonly allows sixso if you’re looking for a vpn with awider range of servers and more stableconnections well then surfshark is gonnabe a better fit .


however if you’relooking for a fast vpn this private vpnversus surf track vpn comparison wellit’s just begunnow i’ve run my tests did my researchand compiled a vpn performancecomparison of the best speeds these vpnscan offer with the best protocolsavailable on each alright as you can seeprivate vpn still runs the open vpntunneling protocol the oldie but goodyone it’s considered a little outdated atthis point to be honest now notice i’vegot much slower performance than duringthe surf shark speed test which fullydisplays the capabilities of moderntunneling protocols take it with a grainof salt if you want but in my experienceprivate vpn speeds are not thatimpressive surf shark has been a bettervpn for speed demanding tasks be ittorrenting or streaming so if speed isyour primary concern i’ve added some ofthe best vpn deals in the descriptionincluding a surf shark coupon code okay.


let’s get back to our vpncomparison shall we now i’ve justmentioned streaming and yeah vpns aresupposed to allow users limitless accessto geoblock content like netflixlibraries with surfshark netflixstreaming was promising i managed toaccess 30 different libraries and so farhad no issues watching content fromthese librariesnice considering netflix made extraefforts last december and blocking vpnsglad to see that some vpns are stillmanaging to bypass them now the privatevpn netflix performance is decent thoughi had some trouble accessing netflixcontent from time to time but librariesfrom the us and canada work really wellboth vpns are also fine with other bigstreaming platforms like disney plushulu or the bbc iplayer so nodifferences there now while i managed torun surf shock on a smart tv without appsupport using the smart dns feature thesame isn’t possible with private vpnsince it lacks said feature butcomparing surfshark to private vpn ingeneral gotta say surf shark is clearlythe more streamlined option if streamingis your intention.



Now in my limitedexperience a lot of users are alsogetting vpns for torrenting does thatsound like you well whether or not youneed p2p surfshark and private vpn bothsupport this type of file transferthough once again a performancedifference makes surf shark torrenting alittle more efficient in my opinionhowever private vpn torrenting benefitsfrom port forwarding which booststorrenting performance of this vpn toacceptable levels so i’m actually goingto say both do pretty well when it comesto p2p.


Both of these providers do manage tobypass chinese firewalls thanks to theirobfuscation technology making bothprivate vpn and surf shark safe to useeven within restricted borders privatevpn uses a stealth vpn feature andsurfshark has its no borders mode bothare nice for restricted networks whetheryou’re in school at work or you happento be in one of those countries withrestricted access but it barely mattersif you can bypass the restrictions ifyour vpn provider tattles on you anywayright.


That’s why privacy is such a bigissue with every vpn and that’s whatwe’re gonna examine next any surf sharkreview will claim that it’s great forprivacy and there are multipleindependent audits to back that upclearly surf shark’s no log policy isserious business and even though i’vegot no good reason to think differentlyabout private vpn i am a little curiouswhy it hasn’t had a single audit thewhole time it’s been aroundespecially since it’s located in swedena country with distinct data retentionlaws however seeing that private vpn hasgood security practices and there havebeen no reports of it leaking data tothe government well i’m just going toassume that private vpn is doing itright as for the surf shark jurisdictionwell it did recently move to thenetherlands which is part of anintelligent sharing alliance however thenetherlands has no data retention lawsand due to all the audits of sur sharkwell i think i can count on this vpn’sdiscretion clearly a more reliableoption for privacy enthusiasts.


And onthe topic of outdated security privatevpn is feeling a little old-fashioned atthis point not only does it keep an oldprotocol and encryption it also doesn’thave a whole lot of features outside ofits kill switch only port forwarding andstealth vpn both of which i alreadytalked about now by contrast there’smuch more to surf shark than justencryption and a kill switch there’ssplit tunneling in the form of itsbypasser feature this one lets youchoose which apps or domains need a vpnconnection it’s got clean web myfavorite ad block alternative cleaningnot just up the ads but all maliciouslinks multi-hop for chaining togethertwo servers and gps spoofing an androidexclusive feature that i haven’t seen inany other vpn surf shark even has itsown suite of cyber security featuresincluding an anti-virus though it’s alittle bit of a bummer you have to payextra for it but on the other hand thispricing is still way lower than theindustry standard for other antivirusesso in general surf shark has to be thebest vpn for security in this comparisoni just can’t overlook how much moreversatile it is compared to private vpn okay.


We’ve seen what these services have to offer butwhat would the vpn price comparison saywell in surf shark’s case you can seethat its longest subscriptions yield thebest deal it’s the plan i currently haveand honestly it’s a steal compared toother market leaders now if you’re gonnatry surfshark out it’s available forfree during a one week period on iosandroid and mac but the money backguarantee is available for a whole monthand it’s on all platformsprivate vpn’s pricing is very affordabletoo despite being less impressive thansurf shark i still think it’s worth itsprice which is not high at allunlike surf shark private vpn offers a 7day trial on all platforms and the samecan be said about its 30 day money backguarantee okay.

So let’s wrap up this surf shark vsprivate vpn comparison surf sharkclearly outranks private vpn in manyways you might find it a better choicefor streaming and torrenting howeverprivate vpn is a small yet resilientprovider with strong security standardsand quite decent performance which canbecome a trusted ally provided youaren’t as concerned about high speeds sowhichever you choose do not forget aboutthose special discounts that we have inthe description and if you have anyquestions well we’re always ready totake a look at them and give you someanswers in the comments below hey i hopethis vpn comparison was useful for youthanks for watching and stay safe outthere catch you in the next one

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