FIFA made seven European World Cup captains take off their One Love arm bands.

by Apkyolo, Monday, 21 November 2022 (4 months ago)
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DOHA, Nov 21 (Reuters) – In a joint statement released on Monday, the football associations of England, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark said that their leaders would not be wearing “OneLove” armbands since FIFA had made it plain that players who did so would be penalized.

“You do not want the game to begin with a yellow card being shown to the captain. Because of this, we had to make the difficult decision as a UEFA working group… and as a team… to scrap our original proposal. We do so with a sad heart “according to a statement released by the KNVB, the Dutch Football Association.

The KNVB said that FIFA made it obvious just hours before the start of their first encounter against Senegal on Monday that captain Virgil van Dijk would face a yellow card if he came on to the field wearing the armband as scheduled. This information was shared with the KNVB by FIFA.

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The KNVB said that it was “extremely dissatisfied” with the approach taken by FIFA and that it would not let this matter to go unchecked.

The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) issued a statement in which it declared that “this is entirely against the essence of our sport, which unifies millions of people.”

“Together with the other nations concerned, we will investigate our partnership with FIFA in great detail.”

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The Dutch Football Association said that the message intended to be conveyed by the armband was “against any sort of prejudice.”

The slogans, words, or pictures on a team’s equipment are not allowed to be political, religious, or personal, as stated in the regulations of FIFA. Additionally, during the FIFA Final Competitions, the captain of each team is required to wear the captain’s armband that is given by FIFA.

According to Wales, the nations who were involved had been willing to pay the penalty that would ordinarily apply to violations of kit laws; but, sports punishments had been an excessive step.

“As national federations, we are unable to place our players in a situation where they may face sports punishments including bookings. Because of this, we have requested that the captains refrain from attempting to wear the armbands during FIFA World Cup matches.”

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