FiLMiC Pro MOD APK v7.6.3 (Unlocked Pro)
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FiLMiC Pro MOD APK v7.6.3 (Unlocked Pro)

App Name FiLMiC Pro
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Genre Photography
Size 121M
Latest Version 7.6.3
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FiLMiC Pro MOD APK – Do you wish that your Android or iOS phone with the worst camera could take pictures that look like they came from a movie? If you said “yes,” then you need the latest technological advances and an innovative program like Filmic Pro APK. We realize that there are millions of pieces of software out there claiming to be the finest video recorders on the planet, but the FilMic Pro APK is more intuitive and powerful than any of them.

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Every video artist or photographer’s favorite ability is cinematic videography because it’s where we can combine our emotions and powers with virtual reality. However, we merely lack the sophisticated talents needed to achieve cinematic outcomes. No need to fight any longer, since now we’re introducing you to Filmic Pro APK, our ferocious Android program. Filmic Pro APK includes the majority of the most unique features that you won’t find in your default or third-party cameras. You may use this software to turn your Android or iOS phone into a GoPro or Insta360 camera! All of our cinematic videographers, whether they are beginners or have been working in the field for a long time, will benefit from the features or privileges in our Filmic Pro Android! Let’s take a look inside –

Features Description

On iOS and Android devices, FiLMiC is a mobile video camera application that provides cutting-edge features and controls for high-definition video recording. FiLMiC’s salient characteristics include:

Focus, exposure, white balance, and shutter speed can all be adjusted manually with FiLMiC, giving users more artistic control over their videos.

Dual-Lens Support: For devices with dual-lens cameras, FiLMiC offers support for switching between lenses during recording.

FiLMiC is capable of a variety of frame rates and resolutions, including 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, and 60 frames per second (fps) at resolutions of up to 4K.

Audio Controls: FiLMiC offers options for adjusting audio levels and selecting audio sources, such as the device’s built-in microphone or an external microphone.

Live Analytics: To assist users in monitoring and adjusting their shots while recording, FiLMiC offers real-time analytics such as zebra stripes, clipping indicators, and focus peaking.

Gamma curve controls, color balance adjustments, and LUT support are just a few of the color grading tools FiLMiC provides.

FiLMiC has built-in stabilization options, such as a “lock-off” mode that fixes the camera’s orientation and position and a “cinema mode” that gives stabilized footage a more cinematic appearance.

FiLMiC users have the option of directly exporting their videos to cloud services, social media platforms, or their device’s camera roll.

Overall, FiLMiC is a powerful tool for filmmakers, vloggers, and anyone else looking to produce high-quality video content because it is built to offer professional-grade features and controls for video recording on mobile devices.

Make a cinematic movie recorder

Have you ever considered enhancing the camera on your Android smartphone so that you may conduct free and extended cinematic videography with it? I’m sure you didn’t think so, as Apple’s iPhones were designed to assist filmmakers in creating cinematic films, but Android Smartphones aren’t up to the task.

Right now, I’m going to alter your mind by giving you the most powerful program you’ve ever wanted and dreamed about: Filmic Pro APK. The majority of the men believe Filmic Pro Android is a premium app, despite the fact that we provide it for free. Yes, the Filmic Pro APK is paid software, but we bought it and put it in the app so that you can easily and install it on your Android phone.

control the focus and zoom of the Filmic app camera

For a video camera, being sneaky is just as important as being strong. With this in mind, the Filmic app has created the most user-friendly Focus Management and Zoom Pixel management features. You may access this menu by tapping the focus symbol in the lower left corner and changing it by rotating the lens, much like a DSLR curve.

Between AF and MF, the Focus will have three settings. You may use any of them to create a portrait film by blurring close or distant objects. The camera lens may reach into your palm, and you can record it professionally bypost,ing Filmic Pro Android from the link below!


Make use of the free controls for Focus Pull Speed

If you work with professional cameras or photography, you’ve probably utilized ISO, shutter exposure time, and color cast at least once. These are the benefits that allow all good videographers and photographers to take pictures with a lot of colors and interesting moving pictures. If the default camera on your Android smartphone doesn’t have these capabilities, you may use the Filmic Pro APK to improve things. The Filmic app provides ISO settings ranging from 100 to 6400, shutter exposure settings ranging from 1/50 to 1/25600, and 10 exposure pull speed sessions. You may use all of them to create the most appealing videos you’ve ever seen in your life of filming!

Select one of the three light options

Professional photographers have an attitude, essentially a winning and creative mentality, that most people lack. However, today’s complicated Camera Android applications are reducing photographers’ originality as everything grows more difficult in front of them.

The Filmic Pro Android has introduced three preset exposure light options after viewing this gloomy side. Imagine that you can’t get the right background for your shot by changing the exposure and ISO shutter. In this case, you can choose between Light, Normal, and Dark, which are the default options. As a result, you won’t have to search for each pixel individually; instead, you’ll be able to choose the pixels that are closest to the preset.

choose from the most intuitive Auto exposures

Are you looking for a way to capture the finest detailed films but can’t seem to discover one? Filmic Pro for free and give it a try! The Contrast Enhancer, Green Ray, Blue Ray, and RGB are among the four most powerful Auto exposures themes available in this premium Android app.

You may pick from the following four styles and discover the most comprehensive exposure to cinematic-styled films by pressing the A-labeled icon below. Furthermore, we are providing this premium software to you for free, so you won’t have to access the Google Play Store and pay money for it. Isn’t it incredible?


the frame rate of your videos to your liking

After all of the fundamental variables have been established, the video quality, resolution, and Frame Rate are the next things that everyone looks at inside a Video Camera setup. The terms “video quality” and “resolution” are interchangeable. Fortunately, the Filmic Pro software is capable of displaying resolutions ranging from 540p to Ultra HD 4K. In the resolution area, you may select video proportions ranging from 16:9 Smartphone videography to 1:1 and 4:3 videography. Following that, The Filmic Pro APK displays many Frame Rate categories, ranging from the quickest and smoothest, 12fps, to the sharpest, 30fps. Within the Filmic Pro software, you may control both the capture and playback frame rates!

With the help of the convenient video stabilization

During our many journeys, we’ve discovered one major issue that has existed throughout history. That’s right, I’m referring to the Unstable Videos. We shoot or film movies most of the time when on vehicles or in high-dynamic air, and as a result, our footage is always unsteady. We ran into this issue and couldn’t discover a solution on the internet except for suggestions to buy the most expensive iPhones and Google Pixel phones. But no one told us that we could get Filmic Pro APK from the link below and get rid of the shaky video recording. Yes, you may now be ecstatic since the Filmic Pro app now includes a free Stabilization tool that will steady all of your covered movies.

quit wasting time with settings management

Presets are the next amazing thing about Filmic Pro APK, and you can find them in almost every Android video editing app today. More specifically, the Filmic Pro APK allows you to build your own presets on the camera, complete with your chosen exposure and ISO settings. It’s a simple procedure, and you’ll really adore this Filmic Pro app feature!

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We dreamed of giving our videography a new look and feel like cinematography, but all we needed were our Android smartphones. Fortunately, we now have a way out, namely, Filmic Pro APK. The app is now available for and installation on your Android smartphone; all you have to do is click the large green icon below! Enjoy!

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Download (121M)

You are now ready to install FiLMiC Pro for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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