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GTA: Vice City MOD APK v1.12 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Name Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Publisher Rockstar Games
Size 0.98G
Version 1.12
MOD Info Unlimited money
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MOD Info

Mega mod: (select save):

  • 2nd slot – 100% completed plot
  • 3rd slot – Unlimited Money
  • 4th slot – Completed all available side quests, but not the storyline
  • 5th slot – Completed the mission with the helicopter
  • If none of this is needed, start a new game.
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GTA Vice City MOD APK is the most outstanding Android game, made by Rockstar Games. On the tenth anniversary of the game’s first release for PC, Rockstar Games released GTA Vice City on Android smartphones. Each participant was able to look inside things that looked like things in the real world, like traffic lights, helicopters, cars, and bicycles.


In Vice City, live beings seem to be genuine, and the 3D visuals are well-suited to this character. Our hats go to the publisher team for bringing this visually stunning action game to Android. Since most high-end visual games are only available on PC, this publisher changed how it puts out big games on Android. When you play this game on your mobile device, you’ll want another round of GTA Vice City.


You’ll go back to the 1980s, and the city you’ll be playing is based on American country music. The most well-known place in GTA Vice City MOD APK is Miami, and it has more missions than other places. Throughout that period, drug peddling, ragging, crime, and a great variety of illicit labor were prevalent.

Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist, is jailed after the collapse of a cocaine transaction. Tommy Vercetti has now gotten out of jail, but the police caught him within 24 hours. Tommy was taken into custody because a third person showed up while he was selling drugs to the client. He was then taken into custody by the police. Tommy now plans to form a new and trusted large gang to sell narcotics to clients.



The game publisher meticulously planned the creation of this wonderful game, as each publisher created a game with a distinct style. For instance, there are categories for fighting, racing, action and role-playing games. However, these firms offer GTA Vice City MOD APK with a diverse range of genres. You begin the game by speaking with the current mafia boss. Then he will find your work.

Then, on the road, steal household bicycles or automobiles. Approach the vehicle and click the enter symbol. They immediately tomahawked the door open to take the automobile. After taking the automobile, you may use the map to determine your position. After driving the automobile, you get the sense that Vice City has been subdued. This is a game; do not attempt to become a real-world criminal.

You may run or take a car to any location. Nobody has the authority to limit your character. You see the most expensive cars on the road and drive in them to get anywhere. People may walk and run on the sidewalk at any time and in any location. As a result, you may see people and beautiful women everywhere. The player’s main goal is to look around the city, and the game quickly gets boring. Because of this, GTA Vice City MOD APK gives you new and interesting missions. Each assignment was unique, and accomplishing the objective was not simple. You will never get tired of the game until you have completed all of the objectives.



The open metropolis of GTA Vice City MOD APK is completely free to explore. If you want to become a criminal, you must overcome several obstacles. For instance, one job is performed in a certain area. When you begin working on a mission, the cops will make every effort to locate you. When the cops recognize you from GTA: Vice City, they add your star. The police system awards up to five stars.

When one star is depleted, one police vehicle will pursue you. If you evaded the cops, those stars were deducted automatically. Therefore, please keep away from the police if your star is five; they will track you down and plot your assassination. When police officers hear a gunshot sound, they go to the shooting location. It would be ideal if you were prepared to confront any obstacle.

Occasionally, third-party Mafia groups attempt to assassinate you while you are doing chores. They will arrive armed and attempt to shoot you. Because you only have a hundred hit points, be wary of your opponents. In the third installment of GTA Vice City MOD APK, your only enemies are the mafia and the police. True, since they interfered with your ability to complete available duties. Avoid killing officers; otherwise, you will get one and more stars more quickly. Numerous concealed situations are functional, and some business occurs aboard the boat.


The player must understand how to properly wield the weapons. GTA Vice City MOD APK includes a wide variety of weapons. As a result, the player must be well-known and adept at handling the game’s weaponry. Numerous weapons are available, but they cost a lot of money to acquire.

When you have money, you may use any of the weapons available. Certain tasks need firearms to demolish the location or beat the mob. Additionally, many tanker missions require the use of a very destructive weapon. Prepare to make the assignment easy to execute.


You will never need to purchase automobiles in GTA Vice City MOD APK. Weapons are the only thing you need to purchase with money. In GTA Vice City, all automobiles, even the most costly ones, are driven along the roadside. You approach the car and hit Enter to steal it. Some automobiles remain in the parking lot or close proximity to the building. Those are free to drive, and no authorization is required. Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City are quite diversified in their use. Simply use all available cars to traverse Grand Theft Auto’s various locales.


GTA Vice City MOD APK was created by Rockstar Games and has high-quality 3D visuals. And everything provided appeared to be real-world items because it was so realistic. Until the game’s conclusion, you feel as if you’re in a movie. The internal game situations have been optimally tailored for Android users. As a result, the game’s quality was never compromised while being played. Vehicles, structures, weaponry, and roads, among other things, are awe-inspiring to witness. If you’re a fan of graphic games, you’ll never want to miss a game.


In conclusion, the GTA Vice City MOD APK demonstrates this incredible game for Android. Rockstar Games is one of the top developers of open-world games. Playing this great game, you can do all the tasks to become a criminal in Vice City. When you begin playing this game, you will gain incredible criminal and driving experience. In most regions, driving requires a car. the MOD version using the links provided below the article.

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