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Spotify Now Hiring Remote Jobs Work from Anywhere | Make money in 2022

by Apkyolo, Monday, 7 March 2022 (9 months ago)
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Is it hard to get a job with Spotify?
Well, in this video, we are going to explore all job optionsthat Spotify, one of the world’s largest music servicecompanies, has to offer, with over 172 millionpremium paid subscribers and almost $3 billion in revenue.Spotify is definitely becoming one of the most well-known music serviceompanies in the world and probably a really cool one to work for.So in this video, we’re going to explore not onlwhat options they offer in terms of hiring, but also if you can work from anywhere.If you can be based anywhere and how to apply, we will also take a look at what current employees have to say abworking for Spotify.So stay tuned.

All right.But before we dove in, let me address the elephant in the room.In case you’re wondering, what’s this very thing on my lap?It’s my dog.
She cannot be left by herself.So today I have a special guest because she is home alone with me and I have to fill.So yeah, she might make an appearance in a little while, but for now,she’s sleeping. So yeah, let’s get to work.Let’s take a look at Spotify jobs.OK, so without further ado, let me start sharing the screen and go through
all you need to know before considering if you want to work for Spotify or not.

So when you come to their career site, which is called life at Spotify dot com,you will already start seeing that they have at the moment when I’m filming.526 jobs open.Out of 32 locations and we will explore everything.Now let’s take a look at what jobs they have openso you can see if there is anything in there for you.So as soon as you click on either old jobs or explore jobs,you will come to this page that very interestingly says,Hey, great to see you want to join the band and then you can filter by location, by category end job type.So in terms of location, you see they have 304 remote jobs out of which about half are in the Americas and half are in India, which means Europe, Middle East and Africa.
And if you go a little bit deeper, you’ll see that currently they have jobs out of New York,London, Stockholm, which is obvious because they are based out of Sweden,Boston, Berlin, Mexico City, Paris,
Sydney, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Miami, Milan, Singapore, Brooklyn,Dubai, Dusseldorf, Moscow,
Brussels, Manchester,India, Nashville, Spain.

So really, really, reallylots of jobs in many, many, many locations, including remote jobs.We will come back and take a look at what kind of remote jobs they have now.Let’s check the types of jobs they have open, so let’s take a look at categories.Not surprisingly, many of the jobs they have open are engineering jobs,and obviously we’re talking back and C++ data.They have a pretty good algorithm, so obviously they have lots of job openings for data engineers, security web as well as research and insights.Again, not surprising lots of data science, jobs and lots of user research jobs.Very good number of sales jobs as well for subscriptions,for partnerships, business development as well as product product development engineering, but also financial services, planning,legal affairs and then content artist marketing, creative development editorial.

Many, many jobs here as well as well as in design,good number for finance as well. H.R.We will come back to the students jobs because they have dedicated programs for students and I want to make sure that you are all aware of those and then business support and operations and global affairs. They have also 13 jobs in marketing, workplace services, customer service.So as you can see, very, very diverse jobs that Spotify are offering across a multitude of different categories that you could definitely pick from.Now, obviously, there is a requirement that you are based in one of the locations that I’ve mentioned earlier.

There are 32 locations and they are spread all over the world.I’m assuming because there are so just 32 that not every country’s covered.It means that a good set of locations and countries are covered.So in case you are based out of one of them, definitely take a look at Spotify and see whether your specialty, your area of expertize it
looking to hire.Right now, though, let’s look at job types so you can.From permanent internship short term as well as full time contractor,which means that you could work with Spotify both as a full time
employee as well as part time or as a freelancer.So let me take a look at the full time contractor jobs because I’m really curious to see what options they offer.And then we’re going to come back to the internship one so we can talk about the student opportunities.

So in terms of the freelance jobs,all three of them are contract related for a gimlet project.And if you know more about this topic and you are based out of Los Angeles,I’m assuming because it says here the location should be Los Angeles,then that might be something for you.If you are not based out of L.A.
and you don’t know much about gimlet projects, then maybe this is not something for you.So let’s take a look at the student options.As I’ve mentioned, they have very nice set of summer internships or student programs that you could look into in case you are still studying and you’re looking for ways to get experience, especially with a company like Spotify.

So if you are a data engineer or you’re trying to become one or if you are into music marketing, that is definitely something that you should consider or product marketing, even graphic design.There are options for you to take an internship with Spotify if you are specializing in graphic design,as well as create a brand and product marketing.So as you can see, there is a diversity of types of internships that you could pursue with Spotify.It doesn’t have to be something related to music.You don’t have to have a music background.You can definitely work with them, even if you are specialized in marketing and design, in product creation, in data engineering analytics.I’m sure there is something in there for you.Now I want to come back and take a look at the remote jobs because I am really curious to understand more about what kind of options would you have if you want to work from anywhere?

Work from home.Work remotely, no matter where you’re based.So let’s take a look at how restrictive their rules arein terms of working remotely.As you can see, there is 304 jobs that are open for remote work,and here they go across many, many types of categories,from data scientist to product manager to Spotify for artists product manager, analytics engineer for ads insights, data engineer, back end engineer, as well as some of the summer internships data scientist, senior user researcher.So actually, many of the categories of jobs that they have open are available as remote work or work from anywhere.Now let’s take a look at one that is open for either Americas or India and see Can you really work from anywhere if you’re based somewhere in India, for example? OK, so I’m going to go here and pick remote India.OK, so we are now looking at something thatbsays Stockholm or Remote Indian Let’s take a look at this one.So it says we’re looking for product designers to join us at multiple levels.We will have an open discussion throughout the interview process about assessing which level you fall within at Spotify.And then for a location it says Stockholm or Remote India.There is a section here that says where you’ll be, and it saysnwe are a distributed workforce, enabling our band managers
to find a work mode best for them.Where in the world for this role, it can be within the India region in which we have a work location.So you would need to be based in a country where Spotify have a work location or an office, so you would need to go and check where they do have locations.But as long as you are based there, they will hire you no matter where you live.It doesn’t matter if you live in Stockholmb or in Sweden in general or in any of the other countries.So now I’m curious, let’s take a look and see where in the world do they have offices or locations so that, you know, exactly if you qualify or not?

When you go right at the top, there is a menu
and you can select locations, and it says that they have offices in 43cities across the globe and counting, which means more to come.So let’s see. Stockholm, NewYork,London,Berlin,Milan,Amsterdam, Paris.
Dusseldorf.Gothenburg, which is also in Sweden.Moscow, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Brussels,Cambridge, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Madrid.So there are quite a few countries across Europe,but most of them are in, let’s say, the western side of Europe,with the exception of Moscow, a bunch of cities in North America as well.
Most of them, well, there is Toronto.All of the other ones are in the U.S., as far as I can tell.And then we’re talking Rio, Sao Paulo and Mexico City in Latin America for Asia Pacific.They have offices in Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur,
Jakarta, Melbourne, Mumbai, Seoul and Taipei,
and then in Dubai as far as Middle East and Africa is concerned.So they do have locations in well on most continents.In Africa, they only have an office in Dubai, so that’s more Middle East.But they do have locations in South America and Australia, in Asia and Europe, obviously,and in the Americas, so or in North America.

So there are lots of options there.They do have a good diversity of locations,but unfortunately they do not cover absolutely every single country.And you would need to be based in one of these locations if you do want to work with Spotify, but you don’t have to be based in a certain one to get jobs.There are, as we’ve seen, over 300 jobs that are open basically from anywhere in any of these 43 locations.Sometimes you have to be based in India, sometimes in America.Because of the time zone difference.It makes it a lot easier to collaborate with your teammates if you’re based in one of these, let’s say, time zones.Now, let’s take a look at the application process.I want to see how complex is it and will you be able to do that quickly, easily or does it require a lot of effort?So let’s take a look.OK, so let’s go back to old jobs.And we’re going to pickone random one, let’s say.Senior editor, rock music, probably.This one should be based in Nashville.That’s pretty cool.OK. Who you are, where you’ll be.The benefits they offer here, we’re talking is the extensive learning opportunities, flexible share incentives, which is a really, really good idea.Absolutely.Global parental leave all the feelsflexible public holiday and Spotify on tour.You can join your colleagues on trips to industr festivals and events.I mean, that is so awesome.You can learn more about life at Spotify.

So if this is the kind of job that you would like to apply for,then you would need to go here and click on Apply now. MX You can simply go ahead and attach your resume, fill in your full name,email, phone number and current company that you’re working with.You can go ahead and link your LinkedIn profile your portfolio if we’re talking about artist or graphic design or that kind of job.GitHub if you have a profile there and then you can provide more information here.They ask you What is your location?And then you just need to make sure that you are nota robot,I guess, and then submit your application.So the process is actually really, really straightforward.You don’t need to fill in a full on application.It is quite easy, a lot easier than what we’ve seen with companies like Amazon or Tesla, where you do need to fill in multiple pages of information about yourself, especially in terms of taxation.Now, let’s take a look at what other people say about working for Spotify.And it looks like my dog decided to make an appearance as well.You want to see, Hey, he’s not doing that now?No, no, no.You know, take that.No, no.If you want to say Hi.No. Did I wake you up?I’m so sorry.I think I woke her up, so I apologize.All right.So as I was saying, let’s take a lookat what other people have to say in terms of working for Spotify.What do they believe?Is it a good company to work for?If yes, why? If no, why not?So let’s dove in.OK, now for this, we are going to be using comparably,which is a portal that I use a lot if I want to get insider information fora company that I’m exploring to understand from current or former employees.

What is it really like to work there for that company?So I went ahead and filtered for Spotify.
And as you can see from the get go, their culture score is a four out of five, which means it’s a pretty good company to work for.Now let’s look at all the details in terms of diversity, in terms of gender equality, in terms of pay and everything like that.Looks like their CEO is getting a pretty good rating as well.Unfortunately, in terms of gender score, Spotify rankpretty low bottom 35%, which means that they’re hiring or their current employee environment is not equal, and it’s balanced more towards one side of the spectrum than the other.However, in terms of diversity score, they seem to be ranking decently top 50%.It’s not perfect, but it is definitely better than their gender score.They probably are making progress and taking a little bit more actionand putting more focus in terms of diversity and inclusion.Overall, it looks like employees tend to be pretty satisfied with working there.Currently, thereare 93% of people who have responded to comparably surveyed who are very satisfied about working for Spotify.So as you can see, people say, it’s a great place to work not only with very smart but also very passionate people.It’s very professional, friendly, flexible, productive without ego.Spotify doesn’t feel emotions as unprofessional,which definitely are really, really great things to hear about a company.However, there are also people who believethat there is not enough transparency or that managers are not empowered enough to give raises, for example, or that salaries are not necessarily on par with the industry average and with a company that is growing at the pace that Spotify has been growing at.I could understand why they have so many things to focus on when going through this pressure of growth that there might be things that are still not perfect.So all in all, I believe the four out of five is a good rating for Spotify, and for sure they are.A good place for you to learn the in and outs of the industry, learn more about what music service company is like, what is it to work there?

What is it to offer this kind of subscription services?You can learn a lot when it comes to data science about their algorithm,and you probably will be meeting some pretty extraordinary people as well.Thank you so much for watching.I hope this was helpful.Till next time, I suggest you go ahead and watch this video where we talk all about Amazon.We do exactly the same kind of analysis for you to know how is it to work for Amazon, but also what kind of jobs can you do for them?And can you work from anywhere? Till next time, Bye.

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