Prey Day MOD APK 15.3.33 (Immortality/Freezing Bots)
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Prey Day MOD APK 15.3.33 (Immortality/Freezing Bots)

App Name Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
PublisherAppLife Limited
Genre Action
Size 56M
Latest Version 15.3.33
MOD Info Immortality/Freezing Bots
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What's new

– "Collector's AK-47" and "Pathfinder backpack" are added to the first purchase rewardChanges: – The number of new items in the mail is now displayed on the mailbox button – Preparations for future major changesOther: – Some quality of life changes for more comfortable gaming – Various bug fixes
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Zombies are a tragic figure in fiction films, appearing frequently in Hollywood films and European tales such as The Walking Dead and World War Z. Publishers are passionate about this issue, and they want to let players experience this tragedy in the most authentic way possible. In Prey Day: Survival, you must respond to the following question: “How can we live if this catastrophe occurs one day?”

The sport is a hybrid of shooting games, strategy games, survival games, activity, and player interaction, in which you must make every effort. Have you ever considered turning into a zombie? What should you choose when playing this game?

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In the year 2033, a global disease killed half of the world’s population. The Deadly Plague virus was spreading. This disease is not treated with medicine. The men and women will die, but they will not actually die; instead, they will transform into eternal zombies who will continue to seek out healthy victims to devour and spread the disease. The planet’s trustworthiness is eroding, and it’s becoming unpredictable. Others, not zombies, are ready to stab you. Now is the time to locate weapons, join forces in the fight against zombies, and then join forces in the resistance. Remember: don’t think of anyone; don’t endure!

Prey Day MOD APK 5 1024x576
Prey Day MOD APK 5 (1024×576


Appetite and hunger are serious issues that must not be overlooked. You must maintain a healthy balance of water and food. There is plenty of water, food, and other necessities in town; if you want to survive, you must find them. The game allows you to create things or weapons for your adventures using various tools. You may construct a foundation to protect yourself from danger. Obviously! You won’t be able to live in this lifetime. To increase your chances of encountering zombies, join groups or troops.

There are no regions that are safe since they have large buildings, cities, resorts, stores, and roadways. The more people you have, the more powerful you get and the more zombies you can defeat. It is possible to converse and exchange things. But proceed with caution. Not everyone who takes part has the best of intentions. Some players will murder you if you make a mistake.

Prey Day: Survival also includes ability learning, which gives your personality an edge. Knowing how to use weaponry is essential, especially towards the end of the world.


Prey Day: Survival is a free-to-play game in which you may go wherever you want in town. Examine convenience stores and retail centers, as well as schools and hospitals. The sport’s universe had been shattered, and the setting seemed bleak, ruined, and damned. However, its horror dissipated. You may see bodies all over the place.

Viewing angles help you escape ambushes by allowing you to see things from different perspectives. Noise is a big factor. Players were surprised when the zombie emerged out of the darkness, adding to the game’s realism. Vehicles such as motorcycles and cars can be used to go into the regions you want. However, you must exercise caution since the zombies are fascinated by the sound. You won’t want to be pursued by a swarm of 100 zombies. I swear!


You can play Prey Day Survival if you are an inquisitive person who enjoys solving puzzles and learning new things. The game is available for Android, and you can get it by following the instructions below.

Prey Day MOD APK 4 1024x576
Prey Day MOD APK 4 (1024×576


If you want to understand more about the problem, then this is the place to be. Day of the Prey: Survival isn’t always a viable choice. The audio design is eye-catching. This personality’s blend of activity and loudness, in particular, will provide you with an abundance of great sense. For those who have never gotten it before, quickly visit the speech below to solve the riddle and enjoy the ambiance without the ability.

As a result, be cautious when selecting battlegrounds and studying formulas, as well as when creating traps when killing to protect yourself. Because adversaries might attack at any time. Along with you, I’ll fight.

The game, like Day Earth: Survival, uses simple 2D graphics. Following the release of Prey Day: Survival, players will find themselves immersed in a truly gloomy atmosphere. Where people might die at any time and could continue to be a threat. In general, gamers may experience a sense of accomplishment.

If it is simple to get rid of the thoughts of this departed soldier, your chances of success will increase. Even if there is an opportunity, it is the adversary; therefore, hit it. You may claim that this is undoubtedly the method you should use if you want to live in this atmosphere. Creating clans and finding friends can aid in the strengthening and fortification of your own power. Struggling to ensure your security while also bringing tools to you.


What would you have to do to battle them and survive if you were to lose track of where these spirits were? Is this scary adventure appropriate? However, if you enjoy a good puzzle in the afterlife, join us for Prey Day. It is necessary to survive in order for this fantasy to come true. So, what is the match like? Find out by reading the stories below.

Prey Day MOD APK 2 1024x576
Prey Day MOD APK 2 (1024×576

The battle for survival Prey Day is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the world witnessed an epidemic of an unknown disease that wiped out nearly all of humanity in 2033. Prey Day is an online survival video game that takes place in a vast community on the planet. A virus wiped out a large portion of the population. The majority of humans become deformed or turn into zombies as a result of the herpes virus.

Detect the source of the ailment, and also reinforce decks to endure the swarms and sneak outdoors to discover family relatives on the maze of highways. You’re one of the few lands whose fate will be determined by those events. Deal with your desires, start seeking out your lands’ decks, and build your shelter out of your materials.

Completing the missions Investigate the cause of the illness. Weapons and armour management research Construct vehicles that will provide entry. Put yourself in a fight with a variety of predators that are envious of the loot you’ve taken.


Join forces with other players in online zones to battle players and zombies hiding in the shadows of the highways, looking for easy victims. Assemble a group of friends to relocate to the City’s many areas. Huge on the Internet Entire World The whole planet of Prey Day is little more than a single hamlet, wracked by sickness.

It’s populated with lands, which the players own. You may mix them and communicate with any participant you match, or you can let them select their own treasure. CLANSU Join with other players in a powerful clan, beginning with the use of clan locations, where you’ll encounter uncommon things and acquire new crafts.

Prey Day MOD APK 2 1024x576
Prey Day MOD APK 2 (1024×576

You can make a bunker out of creatures. Create a clan foundation with your clan and begin operations on the roadways. CRAFT It’s possible to make new weapons and products from the many objects you’ve collected throughout your journey. Crafting knowledge allows you to create and protect your own personal shield! Journey You may go immediately into a whole variety of adventures by completing quests or just investigating Harbortown, relocating to the town metro, and traveling into the hills and parks on the outside of the city.


Prey Day isn’t simple to live in—iit’s a scary environment populated with players who may have varying goals and strategies for success. Compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete, compete,

You should also conduct new research into new areas in order to discover tools, since they will be a valuable resource for you and are necessary for survival in addition to fighting adversaries. You can do research at most hospitals, military foundations, and shops in cities. You may look for those actions using the drive.

One day, a virus-induced passage turned the planet into a zone. Witches, witches, and many adversaries surround you everywhere, and they may attack you. They have a knife in their hands and are ready to strike whenever you lose strength. Your war will be much more difficult now that you’ll have to fight with a slew of other, equally worthless, aggressive armies.

Your mission would be to fight using the appropriate powers, or else you’d perish. Attempt to use the strength of a buddy to show that you are an inept and brave guy in the face of an opponent.


The battle for survival Prey Day is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the earth was hit by an epidemic of a sickness that killed everyone in 2033. Prey Day is an online survival game set in a vast town on the other side of the earth. A virus wiped out a large portion of the population.

Prey Day MOD APK 1 1024x576
Prey Day MOD APK 1 (1024×576

The bulk of individuals become deformed or transformed into zombies as a result of the infection. Detect the cause of the sickness, and the locals construct decks to fight zombie swarms. Slip outside to seek family in one of the labyrinths of empty roadways. You’re one of the few survivors whose fate is inextricably linked to those events. Deal with your hunger and want, start seeking survivors’ camps, and build your shelter out of the resources you find. Look into the disease’s source by completing the tasks.

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Weapons and armor are produced through research. Construct vehicles that can provide access. Input into a fight with other predators who are envious of your treasure. Join forces with other players in online battlegrounds to take on other players as well as zombies hiding in the streets looking for easy meat. Collect your buddies and travel to the many locations in the city.

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