PUBG MOBILE MOD APK v3.1.0 (ESP, Aimbot, Anti-Ban, Mega Menu)

PUBG MOBILE MOD APK v3.1.0 (ESP, Aimbot, Anti-Ban, Mega Menu)

Publisher Level Infinite
Genre Action
Size 792M
Latest Version 3.1.0
MOD Info No Mods
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MOD Info

– Esp line
– Esp box
– Esp items
– Esp vehicles
– Esp name
– Esp health
– Esp distance
– Esp radar
– Anothers esp feature…

– Aimbot
Aim fov
Aim target
Aim trigger
Aim color


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PUBG MOBILE MOD APK Playing video games online is a popular activity among young people all over the world. Android now makes it possible to play online games, which means that a powerful computer or system is no longer required. The fact that billions of people spend significant amounts of time participating in battle royale games makes them an extremely important subgenre of online games. For Android, beta versions of games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and Fortnite are all available. The fact that PUBG Mobile has great graphics and a lot of different ways to play is probably one reason why its popularity keeps growing. PUBG Mobile enters a new season approximately every two months, and it is currently in Season 14. PUBG Mobile features a variety of content, including the Battle Royale Pass, crates, gun skins, four different map types, ten game modes, and more. Read this article if you are interested in finding out more about what PUBG Mobile has to offer.

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PUBG mobile

The multiplayer online shooting game PUBG Mobile is both entertaining and original. The Japanese film Battle Royale served as the basis for the development of the video game PUBG, which was released in 2017. It was released for personal computers as well as game consoles such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo, and others. After achieving a great deal of success, they collaborated with Tencent in March 2018 to develop an Android game that featured the same gameplay elements and high-definition graphics as the PC game. Incredibly, more than 100 million people have already post, ed PUBG Mobile. Fifty million people have posted, ed PUBG Mobile in just one year. Gameloop makes it possible to play PUBG Mobile on personal computers and laptops. It has some of the best maps, game modes, characters, and outfits available, in addition to all of the other battle royale features.

In the Battle Royale mode of PUBG, there can be up to one hundred players in the lobby at once. After that, they choose which of the four maps to parachute onto and land on wherever they want. After they have landed, the first thing they do is search for weapons, helmets, vests, and other things they can throw before looking for their opponents and attempting to remain the lone survivor. The person who is the last to remain alive at the end of the game is awarded the title “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,” as well as points for experience and rank. In this game, your RP level can go anywhere from bronze to conqueror depending on how well you play. A game with excellent modes and features and a convincing sense of realism. Read this article to get more information about PUBG.

Royale Pass

Purchasing a PUBG Royale Pass will allow you access to premium features and benefits, as well as frames, emotes, coins, character skins, gun skins, and other items. This royale pass costs 2100 Indian Rupees (INR) per month for the Elite upgrade, while the Elite upgrade plus costs 850 Indian Rupees (INR) per month. The levels of Elite and Elite Plus have distinct differences in terms of their features, assets, and overall capabilities. When you reach rank 1, the Elite Upgrade Pass awards you with 4,000 UC. At rank 25, you get 10,000 UC. After completing all of the missions associated with the royale pass, your UCs will be returned to you. You have only eight weeks to complete each mission to be eligible for the Royale Pass for that particular season. Royale Pass is updated every two months, or eight weeks, making it better.

Prime and Prime Plus Membership

PUBG offers a paid membership option called Prime Plus that, in addition to providing free UCs, grants access to several additional cosmetic items and cosmetic items that can be purchased with coins. Prime members get 600 UC vouchers per week. Two distinct categories have been established for Prime’s capabilities and UC. You have the potential to earn up to 150 UC every month with a Prime membership that costs 85.00 INR per month (5 UC daily). Everyone is welcome to visit the membership shop at no cost. Here, you can spend coins to purchase the majority of skins. The monthly fee for Prime Plus is INR 850.00, and it comes with 12 times the amount of resources that are available in Prime. If you purchase this subscription, you will be able to earn up to 600 UC per month (20 UC per day) in addition to 10 RP points. You will be able to save money on the Royale Pass as well as earn UC if you have a Prime membership.

4 Maps

Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile require maps. PUBG Mobile has five maps: Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi, and Livia. The newest map for PUBG Mobile is called Livia. Erangel was the first map to be released for PUBG Mobile. There are over 25 locations where one can locate large loops. In the cities of Georgopol, Pochinki, Sosnovka Military Base, Novorepnoye, and Rozhok, you can find hot drops. There are a lot of kills and loot to be found in each location. You will not get the full experience of this game unless you play on Erangel.

Sanhok is the name of the second map in the pack. It is characterized by the presence of numerous trees, bushes, mountains, and forests. After Erangel, the Paradise Resort and the Bootcamp on Sanhok are two of the most advantageous locations to drop on the island. This map is for you if you like places that are foggy and damp. Snipers will find the most success on the desert map Miramar. In PUBG Mobile, this map has been described as the “biggest, most beautiful, and most open.” This map contains several prime locations for making drops. This map contains a substantial amount of loot. The communities of Los Leones, San Martin, and El Pozo have seen the highest number of fatalities.

Vikendi is blanketed in snow, and if you want to travel through it, you can purchase a snowboard, a snowmobile, a snow bike, or a Zima, which is a type of SUV with four seats. On this map, Dobro Mesto and Volkova are your best options for dropping off players. If you enjoy shooting on snowy maps, PUBG Mobile is the game for you. The final map is called Livia. It is the newest map to be released, and it holds the record for being the smallest. Because it can be completed in just 15 minutes, it is an excellent choice for speed dating. 60 people in all. Because this map is still in beta, its quality is not very high at the moment. The following new resources can be found on the Livik Map:
Monster Truck crafted by Elite Armory, utilizing the MK12 and the P90.

Variety of Guns

Guns PUBG Mobile has unique guns. PUBG Mobile includes a variety of firearms, including submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. In PUBG Mobile, there are a large number of armies. We have categorized each major weapon in the list that follows.

Assault Rifles: M416, AKM, M762, Groza, AUG, SCAR-L, etc. Shotguns included are the S686, the S12K, the Sawed-Off, and the S1897. Sniper Rifles with a Bolt Action: The M24, the AWM, the Win-94 Marksman VSS, the Mini-14, the SKS, the MK-14, and the SLR are all examples of sniper rifles. The M249 and the DP28 are both examples of compact machine guns. Vector, UMP-44, Tommy Gun, P90, and UZI are the weapons in question.

In PUBG Mobile, the Machete, Crowbar, Sickle, and Pan are all considered to be close-range melee weapons. You will also receive a Crossbow that deals a significant amount of damage to targets. It also has a flare gun that can signal for supplies and high-end weapons to be dropped from the sky, such as the AWM, M249, Groza, MK14, AUG, and the recently added DBS. Use a flare to get in touch with DMRS if you’d prefer to have a vehicle rather than a gun in your possession.

Additional Amazing Modes

Arena Matches

Other Captivating Modes in the Arena Games in the arena only last between three and five minutes. Arena matches allow players to simultaneously fight and pick up weapons to score more points and emerge victorious. The games played in the arena include training, team deathmatches, assault, and dominance (Ruins Map).

Arcade Matches

The first mode in PUBG Mobile to be tailored to a particular play style is the arcade mode. These games can be completed in five to six minutes and provide immediate entertainment. War, Quick Match, and Sniper Training are all examples of popular subgenres of arcade games. In Sniper Training, you will only have access to sniper weapons. A battle royale that lasts between 5 and 6 minutes is referred to as a quick match. War is a game that features an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, and a submachine gun.


Playlab is an Evo match that takes place on the ground and features both RageGear and Payload. In the RageGear mode, you will earn one point for every enemy vehicle that is destroyed; however, to win, you will need to destroy more than that. One of the most popular game modes in PUBG Mobile is Payload. This mode utilizes battle royale mechanics and is armed with RPG weapons.


Virtual Currency types

Four distinct varieties of points and coins can be used to purchase PUBG items. In PUBG Mobile, there are four distinct forms of currency: Gold Coins, Silver Fragments, Unused Coins, and AG. You can use AG in the PUBG Mobile Redeem shop if you do not have sufficient silver in your inventory. Using UCs to purchase items such as gun skins, crates, Royale Passes, and more is the most expensive and difficult method available.

Play Online with friends

PUBG Mobile has a fantastic user interface for its online component. You can choose from over ten distinct game genres when you get together with your friends to play games online. This battle royale game will never become boring because it has so many different game modes, maps, and skins for the guns.

Attractive asset skins

In PUBG Mobile, you have a wide variety of options to choose from, including skins, weapons, things that can be thrown, vehicles, and parachutes. The vast majority of skins cost money, so to use them you will need to purchase UC first. You can spend gold coins and silver shards in the PUBG Mobile Prime member shop to purchase premium cloth skins for your character. If you need more clothing skins, look through the crates held by the soldiers. You can get unique gun skins and emotes with a battle pass. You have the option to PUBG Mobile, browse the available skins, and select the look that appeals to you the most.

Rewarding Events

Every day, the event missions in PUBG are updated to take into account any new happenings. Participating in these events will allow you to obtain character coupons, gun skins, AGs, silver pieces, crates, inventive combat sets, and silver pieces, as well as AGs and silver pieces. When the majority of events are based on UCs, you can acquire powerful items for a low cost in UCs or buy UCs at a low cost.

Free rewards each season

The rewards in PUBG shift with the passage of time and the changing of the seasons. When a new season begins or an existing one is improved, the rewards for certain missions may shift. Those who have achieved higher ranks throughout the season receive additional privileges. Ace can provide you with a parachute, skins for your Crown firearms, as well as skins for your Diamond attire. As part of the celebrations for PUBG’s birthday each year, players receive unique missions with unique rewards. In PUBG, the rewards for the season are determined by the missions for that season.

Bonus Matches

Free UCs are awarded as a result of winning bonus matches. It is necessary to excel at what you do to accumulate battle coins, which can then be exchanged for premium rewards. You can sign up for the service, then either use UCs or bonus challenge vouchers to enter matches. Using battle points, you can purchase UC Packs, Gunskins, Parachuteskins, bonus challenge vouchers, and the majority of sets of supply cloth and backpacks.

Crazy emotes

Laughing emotes and skins for assets are both available in PUBG. You can begin with three free emotes: the welcome smiley, the good job clap, and the thanks-flying kiss. You can purchase emotes that say a variety of things, such as “laugh,” “yes,” “no,” “dance,” “foxtrot,” “angry,” and more. You also have the option to send voice messages to other players while you are playing. The robot will obey the majority of commands, including “Thanks,” “Sorry,” and “Excellent,” which tell it to return to the secure zone.

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Player Unknown’s Battleground is an excellent example of a battle royale game because it was released after Fortnite. Every month, a greater number of people play PUBG than play Fortnite. People who have older phones or phones with lower specifications can use a lite version of the PUBG Mobile APK that only has two maps. In the most recent update to the PUBG Mobile APK, the character Livik was included. This simple map can be erected by sixty people in fifteen minutes. PUBG is continually improving, and it is currently the best mobile battle royale game available. Pubg Mobile is a high-tech battle royale game with an authentic feel. It’s like an open-world game because you can equip weapons, armor, vehicles, and more. The link in this article to PUBG Mobile is safe and free of bugs. If you have questions or problems, please write them down below, and one of our experts will help you as soon as possible.


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