The steps to being a creative thinker

July 4, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

Previously, education was a procedure where the students had to endure coming to the school everyday in order to achieve some homework and tests. Today, however, the education system is going through a transition from traditional to contemporary. Everyone needs to learn how to grade the homework, since it is a metaphor for learning how to think independently, solve problems, and come up with their own way of thinking. And the fact that we have AI and ChatGPT generating the content one has to understand this paradigm shift.

here is the video to good understanding

This exploration is driven by a mind of Po Shen Loh. Loh is a math professor at Carnegie Mellon, a social entrepreneur, and the national coach of the U. S. International Math Olympiad team. He is also a staunch champion of transformative education.

Loh frames his educational philosophy by a demonstration of a commonly used practice involving the six pairs of matchsticks. Four triangles have to be constructed each having equal sides using matchsticks that are given. The solution is to be creative and to rearrange the matchsticks in a pyramid shape which is the key to solve this problem and to show the significance of innovative and independent thinking.

Loh has taught in the International Math Olympiad training team, NOIS (Nigerian Olympiad in Informatics) which is an organization that trains children math skills, and middle school classes, where usually there is no budding math teacher. He is aware that the road is long and bumpy, but he strives to eliminate barriers at the start and finish of learning by promoting new and inventive ways of learning and teaching. His purpose is to provide students with the ability to solve unfamiliar questions and develop mental strength instead of the dull and boring rote memorization.

In recent period, many test preparation and cramming institutions have emerged and now the learning process has changed from learning concepts well to getting a high results from tests. Loh Pains this method as a robbery in the sense that it hugely limits students thinking abilities and creativity. He studies that money is the main key for impact and influence and that educational projects should get enough funds to make sustainable changes.

However, the challenges that come with diverse background of learners, math experts, and drama professionals, must be tackled in order to create this ecosystem. The ecosystem provides a unique situation where everything wins, a point of leverage to educate, earn, and enrich others.

Loh has created a platform through which math geniuses who are also very charismatic and engaging, are teaching classes using the entrepreneurship model. The curriculum includes algebra, geometry, statistical research, and numerical theorems. Based on her view, if students are taught the life topics, they will have enough skills to be able to think independently.

In the era of AI, the capacity to think critically and to generate ideas is the most important skill. According to Loh, for everyone being rather an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur is not something excessive, but it is something that should be the norm within an organization. Thus, according to Tegmark, the mentioned mindset is the very thing which will ensure the blossoming in the era of AI.

Loh’s education model is not only theoretical but is supported by real-life experiences and interactions. He enrolled into improv classes to enhance his abilities to express himself and most of the time he is in the company of students or parents, figuring out the issues and needs of this group. He also had real teaching deployment in different schools and interacting with students from diverse backyards.

Loh does not think that the only way to succeed is to make a lot of money. According to him, a great achievement is observed with a group of people becoming thoughtful on earth. Being the person who is able to see the upcoming AI as a Wild West that will have lots of beautiful opportunities mostly for those who know how to create value, he believes that the most successful individuals will be these ones.

In the end, the future of education is in extracurricular activities which encourage the independent thought and problem-solving skills. In our future trajectory, a highly AI providing could be defined by an indispensable talent called thinking creatively and making proper judgements. The method which Loh advocates for education can serve as a guide for how we may be helping our future generations acquire the skill sets they will need to meet the requirements of this emerging world.

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