TorGuard VPN VS SurfShark VPN 2024 Comparison Of Specialty and Value

June 27, 2024 (4 weeks ago)


TorGuard VPN VS SurfShark VPN 2022 Comparison Of Specialty and Value

TorGuard is known to be a very specialized VPN. But is that narrow specialty enough to contest Surfshark, which has much more than just one strong side? Today, I bring you the Surfshark versus TorGuard 2022 VPN comparison, leaving no stone unturned, no point unaccounted. And if you wanna get maximum value out of your VPN there are discounts in the link down below. (upbeat music)

Which VPN provider employs better security?

Let’s take a look into the essentials of every VPN, security and privacy. I’ve mentioned that before in the Surfshark VPN review, this VPN is notably one of the first to adopt RAM only servers which can’t retain user data long term. Surfshark supplies a reliable ChaCha20 encryption, has a kill switch that prevents IP leaks during connection instability and has plenty of extra features. My favorite is a pretty rare feature called CleanWeb, automatic ad, and malicious links blocker. But Surfshark also has split tunneling multi-hop and NoBorders mode. Features contributing to the security and accessibility of Surfshark users. Furthermore, Surfshark 2022 has passed multiple independent audits, proving its dedication to security and privacy practices. TorGuard VPN is not as impressive here. Sure, it has the same encryption and a kill switch but the only relevant feature is the Stealth VPN. Kind of similar to Surfshark NoBorders mode, it’s an anti-restriction tool.

Where are the VPNs located?

Unfortunately, TorGuard can’t do a comeback with privacy either, it’s based in the US, which is not a good location due to all the data retention loss and practices. Surfshark however, is located it in the Netherlands which is also a part of the data sharing alliance, just like the US, but doesn’t have data retention loss. At least both VPNs have a strong, no-logs policy, so even if TorGuard is forced to share user data, it shouldn’t have anything to give out. Nevertheless, Surfshark is close to being the safest VPN 2022 has to offer, with more security features and a less compromised privacy.

Surfshark vs TorGuard:

How big are their server pools?

Considering performance there are multiple factors to take into account. Server fleet is the easiest one to quantify and TorGuard with Surfshark are very close in that regard. The difference between servers and available locations is minimal. Both VPNs even use the same tunneling protocol WireGuard for best performance that is.

Which VPN provider is faster?

So we need TorGuard versus Surfshark speed test to determine which is the better VPN. I’ve considered the results at the US and UK servers with both VPNs using WireGuard. And it seems that speed wise, both VPNs perform really well with no major difference between speeds.

Are the VPNs capable of efficiently unblocking Netflix?

However, TorGuard has slightly better upload speed from time to time, making it superior for P2P. Surfshark instead keeps it speeds more stable at all times. So, it’s a draw of a sword, despite the minor changes we saw in Surfshark versus TorGuard speed test. So if you’re looking for a performance oriented VPN look no further you can get both of these providers with discounts through the links in the description. However, just speeds are not enough not for streaming at least. Just recently, Netflix came up with new techniques rendering most VPNs useless against its geo-blocking.

Surfshark is amongst the few that can actually still fight off Netflix geo-blocking. I had no problems with a Surfshark Netflix US library, and I can say the same about the Netherlands and Japanese libraries. With the Smart DNS feature you will even be able to do it on the smart TVs that don’t have dedicated VPN apps. Android TVs, and Amazon Fire Sticks are not included though since they have dedicated apps. It’s a bit disappointing to me that TorGuard is that much worse for streaming, not all servers work with all streaming platforms and Netflix is pretty inconsistent now, with a lot of IP addresses not working anymore. While you can buy a dedicated IP for extra price I find a paid solution to a problem to be insufficient. Surfshark is clearly superior for streaming, securing all the popular streaming platforms unlike TorGuard that really struggles without dedicated IP.

 Can you effectively torrent with Surfshark or TorGuard?

It’s a whole other thing when we consider torrenting though. Every TorGuard review 2022 will tell you that it was made to support P2P file transfer. It allows torrenting on all servers and offers a SOCKS5 proxy to boost the performance of P2P connections. I have to say that since TorGuard implemented WireGuard, it came close to being the best torrenting VPN period. I can’t say that Surfshark is much worse however, Surfshark also allows torrenting on all servers and has fast speeds with WireGuard but, it doesn’t support proxies like TorGuard does. Even though both are technically enough for P2P I have to highlight TorGuard as a VPN with torrenting as its specialty.

Which VPN is more user-friendly?

But I have to say, I wish TorGuard put as much effort into improving its UI as it put into torrenting support. TorGuard is a lot more customizable, which can be a benefit for some people, while Surfshark is less but has everything and a lot more extra features in a neat package that is much easier to use. Both VPNs have apps for major platforms though, from Windows and Mac to iOS and Android but I have to say Surfshark is much easier to use so it gets the cake in this category. And the last point is value. You’ve seen all the features and possibilities each VPN provides. And Surfshark also has an added bonus of not limiting simultaneous device connections per account. So, are all these elements of each VPN worth the price?

How much does Surfshark cost?

In Surfshark’s case, definitely. It’s a very affordable VPN, the price is very low long term. Plus there’s an option to try it beforehand with a Surfshark free trial, which is available on all platforms except Windows and Linux as well as a 30 day money back guarantee.

How expensive is TorGuard?

TorGuard however provides much less value and also has a considerably higher pricing. Nevermind the lack of free trial and a very short money back guarantee period.

Final thoughts

In conclusion to this Surfshark versus TorGuard 2022 comparison, I have to say that Surfshark is clearly the better VPN, especially if you value streaming capabilities and your security. However, if you don’t mind the complexity and look for a reliable torrenting VPN, TorGuard will suit your needs better. Whichever you choose, you can find the discounts in the description. I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, well, you know what to do. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you soon. (bright, upbeat music)

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