Why Some of the wealthy will not stay in India

July 4, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

A recent video lecture by the Akshat Shrivastava (speaker) has focused on the results of 8 major wealth changing trends making their way through in India now. These trends are by far the most important economic phenomenon which not only reshaped the nation’s economic landscape but also became a powerful tool which millions of businesses, entrepreneurs, and the general public were confronted with at some point. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and go in depth about these throngs of trends and their wider consequences.

1. Millionaire Migration

It is quite notable factor in India that millionaires fall in the category of wealthy classes who emigrate from the country to others. This tide is primarily motivated as crowd seeks better lives, cleaner environments, and more effective governance in their lives. There are two kinds of consequences brought by the emigration of millionaires; First, the tax burden is shouldered by the ones who stay, thus the government revenue and economic stability are in danger. A hotspot for international business and entrepreneurships being created, the trend also reflects the love of affluent for optimal living and working locus.

2. Quality of Life and Return on Taxes

To many Indians, who contributed large amounts to the government in terms of taxes, the quality of public services they receive is disproportionate to the tax they pay. Problems like lack of proper healthcare providers, poor education and failed road infrastructure are the bigger determining factors of whether they vote to leave the country or stay. Whereas these infrastructural faults not only make affected cities worse places to live but also pose a serious safety hazard, creating unpalatable conditions for the wealthier classes to live in India.

3. Government-Supported vs. Independent Millionaires

The poor, largely unprotected Indian economic landscape is dominated by either millionaires and owners of successful business that are financially supported by the government or those run their own business. The wrongdoers with official connections came first to grasp readily the capital and advantageous contracts, thus clawing their way to the top, while the rest have to start further down along the road. This disproportion truly brings about a peculiar problem for the trailblazers as the obstacle faced by the internet and technology sector entrepreneurs, who lack those services, gets blown out of proportion by the vicious spiral of regulatory bureaucracy.

4. Rise of Extreme Capitalism

While India is experiencing a type of deepening capitalism that is largely dependent upon public spending and support of a few privileged businesses, the country is not standing for the greater poor population. Such a model will bring profit to few at the expense of many. The general population will have to pay for it through inflation and living costs.

Content related to health and wellness has become increasingly prominent on numerous social media platforms, particularly Instagram and YouTube. This heightened focus on wellness has been driven by several underlying factors.

One of the primary drivers is the growing recognition of the importance of wellness for overall health and happinessThis situation yields in the number of economically inefficient firms, which creates more wealth among a minority, thus increasing the social and economic gaps.

5. Disproportionate Tax Burden on the Middle Class

The middle class tends to be unduly in need of producing more taxes as both the direct and indirect taxes evade them from saving. This heavy financial burden is leaving the poor people with very limited economic opportunity and as a result, the middle class is shrinking as a large number of people from both rich and poor classes become richer and ,on the other hand, only the few survive and the others fall into poverty.

6. Options Outside India

Combining the difficult economic and social environment, lots of Indians are going overseas in search for opportunities as the tax burdens are lighter than it is at home and the infrastructure is better. Being in a foreign country with a favorable immigration legislation that has provisions for digital nomad or influencer visas, would steer my way.

7. Investment as a Necessity

Making an investment has now is a process that no Indians who desire to store and grow in wealth can avoid. Traditional saving means just PPFs being only the most lucrative one-time investment, but it is not because they fall short of generating inflation. Diversification through investments in real estate, gold, stocks, and cryptocurrencies is exactly what should be done for the sake of financial stability.

8. The Rationalists Will Thrive

The next trend despite its significance, show that intelligence and the ability to adapt play an important role. People who have access to information, adapt to changes and initiate actions when needed have higher rates of success in their lifespan. This necessarily means to be ready to move beyond usual directions that are based on experience and calculate the strategic decisions in the way that makes sense for long-term objectives.


The stats relating to wealth contributing to India’s present and future economic outlooks ask for a thoughtful and planned strategies to be drafted. Individuals having dreams to achieve higher economic tiers must have this adaptability along with judicious investments in certain things and sufficient geographical mobility. The defining evolution of the Indian society needs individuals to understand and adapt to these trends to ensure they are able to gain financial stability in the future in the global world that is becoming more and more competitive.

It does not only enhance the insights into the social and economic changes which are continuously taking place in India, but it also provides a map to guide the individuals as well as the businesses to deal with the economic complexities of the modern economy. Through various options — strategic relocation, investment, or building on an entrepreneurial spirit — prosperity road is the knowledge of those forces.

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