NEW SURVIVAL GAME Released Today! 5 Reasons to play Craft of Survival Immortal

by Aakash, Monday, 7 March 2022 (3 months ago)

Craft of Survival Immortal was released today,  making it the newest top-down survival game of 2022. I’ve been playing this game  in closed beta for a long time, so let me tell you five reasons you need to try out this game.


The first and least important reason that you should try out Craft of Survival is simply  because it is the newest top-down survival game, originally made popular by Kefir’s,  Last Day On Earth. Top-down survival games have been wildly successful  in the mobile gaming platform. Now, many top-down survival games don’t really add anything new,  often they’re just a re-skin of the original Last Day On Earth. This game is not like one of those.It has amazing graphics. It introduces the classic races of orcs, elves, and humans. It holds the  record for the most amount of resources and items introduced into the game at its global release,  and it implements zone randomization. Which means that each time you enter a zone you can  get a different version, but it tells you which version it is. So, you can still memorize what  that zone is and go look for the things that you want from that zone. Overall it is the newest and  most advanced survival game out there, with one caveat – it doesn’t have true co-op. You cannot  put your bases together with other people, so a lot of the game feels like a single player game.To those of you who are my subscribers, and they’re coming back from Last Day on Earth  or Frostborn or one of those other things, I just wanted to make a quick note to you guys  that I have changed this channel from covering almost exclusively survival games to covering  almost exclusively top 10 lists for mobile games. If you have not seen those videos,  they are my best work yet, and I know you’re not watching them, because it tells me that  my subscribers aren’t watching them. Even though they’re getting tens of thousands of views,  YouTube tells me it’s all from search results. So if you are one of my old subscribers and you  like the way I make videos, you should check out some of my new videos because they are  awesome. Awesome enough to where they’re ranking in YouTube search. But, obviously,  a different subject. So YouTube isn’t really telling you guys about those videos.


The second, and second least important reason why you should try this game, is because it  has no raiding. When Kefir released their newest game, Frostborn, a lot of people didn’t like it  because it had forced raiding. This caused a lot of people to lose a lot of stuff. This game does  not have raidings, so you don’t have to worry about losing your stuff. Now that being said, I  cannot guarantee to you guys that rating will not come into the game. As I’ve mentioned in previous  videos, I have a lot of evidence that this game is still run by the same people that run Last Day  on Earth, Frostborn, and all of those other games. So, the natural progression of a game being really  good at first, and then kind of becoming more and more pay to win as it loses some of its hype  is still a possibility. That could include raiding being added to the game. I know that doesn’t  necessarily have anything to do with being paid to win, but if Kefir is still running the show, they  can sometimes do things that aren’t necessarily in line with what the players want. Rather,  they’re just doing experiments on their players. I honestly think that they will never add raiding  into this game because raiding in Frostborn was a nightmare and required all this customer service.  So, just from a business perspective, I have a feeling they will not be adding raiding. Or,  if they add raiding in this game they will make sure it is optional.


The third and more important reason that you should try Craft of Survival is because it is  extremely free to play friendly. Everything in the game is available to free to play players,  including crystals. In fact, you can earn tons and tons of crystals by just playing the game.  Once you earn enough of those crystals, you can buy the best items in the game straight  from the shop. I will warn you that there is actually a much better deal. If you go  into the town itself where you can get the NPCs to kind of give you those items  and you trade with them, sometimes you can trade with crystals. You can negotiate with them so you  can use a high charisma to get the price lower, and to clarify I’m not talking about playing for  months and months and months to finally get enough crystals to buy that one purchase.  They give lots of crystals all the time. You can accumulate them really quickly.


The fourth and second most important reason that you should try Craft of Survival Immortal  is because it has an arena. As I said earlier, most of the game is a single player progression.  You will see other players in the main town, and you can chat with them on the global chat, but the  actual gameplay is exclusively single player. If you see something that looks like another player  in the zones, they are a bot, just like every other game in this genre except for Frostborn.  But, you will see in the world map that there is an arena and the devs have said that now  that global release has happened, it will come in the next two updates. This arena will allow  you to use your character to play against real players in actual competitive fights,  which is going to be so much fun. It is also likely that there will be multiple types of  pvp game types, so there will be something for everyone to challenge themselves with.


One of the things I’m most excited about with the arena actually leads us into the fifth and most  important reason why I think you need to check out Craft of Survival Immortal and that is because it  has non-targeting gameplay. That may not seem like that big of a deal, but this is a huge deal. No  other top-down mobile survival game in the world has tried non-targeting gameplay for their game,  and as someone who has played all of these games I would say the non-targeting version is better in  almost every way. The fighting in the game feels more natural. It feels more skill based,  and in order for them to make sure that you hit the target that you are wanting to hit, they just  made all the weapons do area effect damage. This is not only going to be fantastic for pvp  but it also makes some interesting changes to pve. For example, in most of these games it  is the worst thing in the world to attract a large number of enemies to attack you,  but in Craft to Survival that is not necessarily true. If you’ve got a good enough weapon,  sometimes the best thing to do is get a big group of enemies to attack you,  and then kill them all with one swing. Now I know that some of you guys are probably thinking,  “Really? Non-targeting gameplay is the number one reason to try out this game??”…. and yes that  is what I’m telling you. Guys, it is such a big difference than all of the other survival games.  It really changes the feel of the survival game, and I think it makes it more skill based.But you guys go decide for yourself. Go try it out. It’s a free game, and my guess is that with  the exception of a few of you guys that don’t like the play style, most of you are going to like the  non-targeting gameplay more than the gameplay of any of the other survival games.

Well that’s  it guys. Those are the five reasons why I think you should check out Craft of Survival Immortal.  If you like it, please come back to this video, comment, and tell me your thoughts on it, so that  I can get a better grasp on how all players of all different types are reacting to this game.Alright guys, I’ll see you next time.

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